Our Unwavering Dedication to Quality.

All our operational procedures, test methods and specifications are fully documented and controlled utilizing computer integrated manufacturing technology.

Putting Quality First

At Oro Clean Chemie AG, we are proud of our Swiss heritage and the thoroughness that comes with it. With this ethos, we produce disinfectants that ensure comprehensive efficacy, excellent material compatibility and a commitment to environmental safety.

When it comes to manufacturing disinfectants, we adopt a rigorous quality-first approach, punctuated by stringent quality control measures and a commitment to transparency and traceability.


Rigorous Supplier Evaluation and Oversight

We firmly believe that excellence originates at the source. As such, we are painstakingly precise in our supplier selection and conduct ongoing evaluations to ascertain the unblemished quality of raw materials and components. This relentless scrutiny underlines our commitment to supplying disinfectants that regularly surpass expectations.


Rigorous Raw Material and Component Testing

Our dedication to excellence compels us to carefully test every raw material earmarked for the production of our disinfectants. This approach not only reinforces conformity with our high-quality standards but also affirms the absence of potential contaminants. Only after the release by our Quality Control Department do these materials advance to our storage or production area.


Bulk Approval

Upon approval from our Quality Control Department, the raw materials are integrated into our manufacturing cycle. We perform a double-check on each batch - both in the mixing and storage tank.


Systematic In-Process Quality Control Testing

As our disinfectants traverse our fully automated production lines, they are subjected to comprehensive vision and weight evaluations. This thorough in-line examination ensures we deliver consistently high-quality, reliable, and effective products.


Stringent Final Product Testing

Our pursuit of excellence doesn't end with manufacturing. We randomly select finished products to affirm that they meet our exacting standards. Only the batches that successfully pass this stringent final validation stage are deemed ready for the market.


Regular Internal Audits

Our dedication to excellence drives us to conduct regular internal audits. These audits ensure procedural adherence to defined processes and procedures, further consolidating our commitment to upholding our comprehensive quality control policies.


Absolute Traceability

We operate under a principle of complete traceability. Each raw material and all components are processed in batches from start to finish, ensuring absolute traceability throughout the entire production process.


Extended Documentation Retention

To further uphold our commitment to transparency and traceability, we maintain documentation for a minimum of 10 years. This record-keeping not only ensures regulatory conformity of our disinfectants and cleaning products but also enhances the trust placed in us by our valued clients.

  • EC-Certificate
  • ISO 13485:2016 Certificate
  • GDPMD Certificate