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A Personal Message from Our CEO

"I feel incredibly privileged to work with such a fantastic team. What sets us apart is not just our professional relationships but also the deep friendships we have formed over the years. Together, we conquer challenges and are driven by our insatiable appetite for innovation. The diversity within our team enriches our work and truly makes it inspiring. What truly excites me personally is our team's unstoppable 'go and get it done' spirit."

Work Hard. Play Hard.

We are driven by a strong work ethic, constantly pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. However, we also value the significance of enjoying life outside of work. We believe in creating a positive work environment that encourages relaxation, fun, and work-life balance. Through team-building activities, social events, and celebrations, we foster a culture where hard work is rewarded, and downtime is cherished.

Meet Some of Our Greatest Talents

Executive Management

Juerg Suter

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

"When I took over Oro Clean Chemie AG in 2022, it was the realization of a lifelong dream. From the tender age of three weeks old, my mother brought me to the office of our family business, which as I became older became my playground. Growing up, I would create bouncing balls using alginate, copy chemical books out of sheer boredom, and even play hide and seek with friends amidst the boxes in our warehouse.

Unlike most children who dream of becoming pilots or doctors, I never had a specific dream job in mind. Instead, I aspired to transform our family business into a global enterprise. Today, as the CEO of Oro Clean Chemie AG, I am proud to drive our company forward and lead a dedicated team of experts. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our slogan, "Killing Germs for a Safer World." The slogan perfectly encapsulates our mission and my personal commitment to developing and selling products that make a positive impact on people's lives."

Georg Miedzik

Chief Production Officer (CPO)

"As the Chief Production Officer of Oro Clean Chemie AG, I take immense pride in being part of a team that makes a meaningful impact on global health and hygiene. Working alongside my highly motivated colleagues, we manufacture top-notch disinfectants at our Swiss facility nestled in the nature-rich Zurich Oberland. Our collective efforts contribute to safeguarding the safety and well-being of individuals worldwide.

Every day, I embrace my motto of approaching my work with pride, respect, and a commitment to perfection, all in the pursuit of creating a safer world."

Lee Moi Wong

Chief Research Officer (CRO)

"As the Chief Research Officer, I am thrilled to be leading the company's research efforts and working towards our goal of producing the world's best disinfectants. Originally from Malaysia, I have been living in Switzerland for the past three years where I am currently pursuing a Master's in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at the University of Berne.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my two children. But I must admit, I am also a workaholic, and nothing excites me more than the opportunity to work in the lab to develop new products. I also love talking to healthcare professionals and partners to understand their needs and preferences when it comes to disinfectants. This helps me and my team develop disinfectants and cleaners that tick all the boxes.

When I am not working or spending time with my kids, I love to travel and explore new places. Whether it is a relaxing beach vacation or a city trip, I enjoy experiencing new cultures and trying new foods. Though I must admit, I am not a fan of fish."

Sales and Marketing

Sasha Ristic

Project Manager

With a multifaceted journey spanning more than 15 years in infection control, I began my career in sales and then moved smoothly into the role of a project manager within the company. Throughout this evolution, our commitment to fostering infection control with the highest quality has remained unwavering. Engaging in daily communication with our global partners and witnessing how our products enhance lives, it brings great joy to be a part of this. Our enduring pursuit of excellence continues to define our path as we innovate, leveraging diverse experiences to ensure meticulous infection control practices. As we forge ahead, our mission remains steadfast: safeguarding health and well-being while pioneering advancements in infection control.

Mun Yee Boey

Graphic Designer

"Never did it occur to me to work for an international corporation as an in-house designer as I believed that working for an advertising agency would offer more exposure and opportunities for growth. However, everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for the timing of my new job. I started working at OCC Switzerland on the day the Malaysian government declared a state of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the situation at the time, the COVID-19 virus was unfamiliar to the general population and those who did not closely follow WHO or Health Ministry guidelines. Thankfully, this unexpected turn of events allowed me to learn more about infection control, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise."

Production and Logistics

Patrik Piterka

Production Line Manager

"In my role as the Production Line Manager, I find joy not only in setting up and maintaining machines but also in participating in in-process quality control activities. Each day is an opportunity to tackle new challenges, adding to the excitement of my job. The production process requires meticulous attention, a comprehensive understanding, and the ability to adapt, which I diligently offer. Ensuring that the production lines run seamlessly and our products maintain their top-notch quality is a responsibility I carry with pride. When the day ends, my mind drifts to the sun-kissed beaches of Croatia, my beloved summer vacation spot. I cherish my moments with my wonderful son, whose growth and discoveries constantly inspire me."

Martin Hoffmann

Production Worker

"In my role as a production worker, I find deep satisfaction in ensuring the smooth running of our production lines. Knowing that the Swiss disinfectants we manufacture are trusted by healthcare professionals across more than 60 countries worldwide fills me with pride. The transition from being a baker to production has enhanced my understanding of processes, reflecting in my work's precision and attention to detail. Just as I meticulously set up the production lines, I craft cakes in my free time turning every special cake request into a delicious masterpiece."

Carsten Hölzer

Logistics Executive

"As a key member of the Logistics team, I focus on preparing packing lists, delivery notes, and customs documents to ensure smooth exports. Every package I handle is packed carefully, underlining our promise of quality. Alongside, I assist in incoming goods inspections for components, contributing to the quality of our end products. When away from the responsibilities of logistics, I find joy in the company of my beloved wife and our three playful dogs, who bring balance and warmth to my life. The meticulousness and respect I bring to my work in logistics seamlessly blends into my personal life, reinforcing a harmonious existence."

Quality Control

Julio Del Toro

Quality Control Executive

"As head of quality control, I am responsible for carrying out analytical, chemical and physical testing of raw materials, components, bulk liquid and finished goods. The requirement for attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection, much like a good football match, is what fascinates me most about my job. When I'm not in the laboratory or on the production floor, I cherish the moments I spend with my two children or enjoy a rousing game of football. The spirit of the game and the joy of fatherhood enliven my workday with unique energy and perspective."

Research and Development

Kath Wong


"As someone who places a high value on hygiene and infection control daily, I am thrilled to be a part of the Research and Development team at OCC Switzerland. With great enthusiasm, develop new formulations that meet our customer's needs. OCC Switzerland provides me with a platform to put my knowledge into action which is a really rewarding challenge."

Regulatory Affairs

Li Vern Peng

Head of Department Regulatory Affairs

"My journey in the healthcare industry has granted me invaluable opportunities to collaborate with esteemed professionals and experts from diverse fields. Joining OCC Switzerland has broadened my perspective in uncovering new insights to developing holistic and comprehensive solutions. As a health-conscious individual with an insatiable curiosity for exploring diverse cuisines, the passion has inspired me to cultivate innovative alternatives in promoting the well-being of others. I believe that a proactive approach to infection control is important to foster advancement in patient care and a healthier environment for healthcare professionals."

Support Services

Karen Kimmeier


"Numbers have always held a special place in my heart. From an early age, I realized I had a flair for them, and that led me down the path of becoming an accountant. It's been many years now, and I can confidently say that I love what I do. Apart from my accounting career, I have another passion that brings balance to my life – horse riding. I'm lucky to have my very own horse, and spending time with my majestic companion is my escape from the daily hustle. It rejuvenates me and keeps me grounded."

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