Innovating for a Safer World.

Our dedicated team of chemists, microbiologists, and regulatory affairs professionals, works tirelessly to ensure that we continue to stay at the forefront of innovation and compliance.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

At OCC Switzerland, our passion for innovation fuels our relentless drive for excellence in the disinfectant industry. Our dedicated Research and Development team lies at the heart of our commitment to delivering industry-leading solutions. With a deep understanding of the importance of efficacy, exposure time, compatibility, ease of use,  and environmental considerations, our R&D team continuously pushes the boundaries.

Our R&D team's strength lies in its diversity and expertise, combining the skills of chemists, microbiologists, virologists, healthcare professionals, and regulatory affairs professionals. This group accounts for over 20% of our workforce, testament to our commitment to pioneering scientific discovery. By collaborating closely with industry partners, we ensure our disinfectants address the vital aspects of infection prevention.

In crisis scenarios, such as the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, our R&D team takes the lead. They conduct rigorous testing and validation to confirm our products' effectiveness against emerging pathogens. Thanks to our team's expertise and agile decision-making, we rapidly respond to urgent global needs, offering reliable solutions for infection control.

Our CEO is deeply invested in R&D and spearheads our pursuit of excellence. As a hands-on leader, he instills a culture that values innovation, quality, and efficiency. With a strong focus on developing the most effective, compatible and environmentally friendly products, his's vision propels our R&D team to explore new frontiers, challenge traditional norms, and ensure that our disinfectants remain at the forefront of disinfection technology.

Collaboration is key to our R&D approach. We partner with other medical device manufacturers to promote innovation and knowledge sharing. Through extensive testing at ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, we ensure our disinfectants are compatible with various materials and devices, providing confidence and peace of mind to our customers.